From In Praise Of Poteen by the late, great John McGuffin

“Michael John O’Reilly, a Tipperary man teaching at the University of Tripoli in Libya was, in March 1977, tried and convicted in a Libyan court for distilling alcohol, which is, of course, strictly forbidden under Koranic law. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment but appealed, claiming that since it was coming up to St Patricks Day he had merely been following local Irish customs and making a holy drink in honour of the Saint to be drunk by Libya’s substantial expatriate community. The Court solemnly debated this impassioned plea and reduced his sentence to a suspended one, setting him free. He didn’t get his poitin back, however.”

First, construct your still . Then, get advice from the experts – either this video or Michael Cronnolly’s account are good places to start. Although McGuffin’s “In Praise …” is really the only source you need.

Finally, after much careful preparation and nurturing of the liquid through the several processes with endless patience – get pissed with a small, select group of trusted friends.


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