I first saw and heard Ultrasound on Jools Holland’s TV programme, I think, in the late 90s. I was bowled over in seconds. They released an album “Everything Picture”, a couple of singles from the album, played Glastonbury then…disappeared. Damn. They were great. Although, to be honest, the album was a double cd and could easily have been halved. Most of the second disc was a meandering, tedious prog rock style instrumental.

Then there was Angelica. Words can’t do them justice (none of mine at any rate). They had two stunning singles “Why Did You Let My Kitten Die” and “Bring Back Her Head”, an intelligent, varied album “The End Of A Beautiful Career”, then…disappeared. I could have wept. A live acoustic version of “Bring Back Her Head” is here – (won’t let me do it – I’ll sort something). I think it’s from an appearance on XFM but I’ve clumsily lost the original link.

Angelica’s music was deceptively innocent and a touch unsettling. The nearest contemporary equivalent I can bring to mind (with my ever diminishing knowledge of contemporary music) is Worm Is Green, one of my current favourites. Hope that’s not the kiss of death for them.


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