Most music lovers will be aware of John Cage’s revolutionary work ‘4’33″‘, but less well known is his piece for organ, ‘Organ – as slow as possible’.

The first performance of this piece began in Halberstadt, Germany, in September 2001 and is due to be completed in 2640.

More details can be found on the Guardian website and on the John Cage/Halberstadt website.

Coincidentally, Halberstadt was the site, in 2002, of the burning by the German authorities of 620,000,000 banknotes, the remaining stock of old East German ostmarks. The banknotes had been collected and stashed in “secret” tunnels over the previous decade, protected by a plethora of electronic security devices. But someone forgot to pay the electric bill and collectors found a way in, hence the burning.

Cage would have loved that story.


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