My mate Dave has a short video available on the BBC “Videonation” minisite – musing on his future death. Down to earth, matter of fact and witty. The “Videonation” archives are great for browsing too, and the “Skills” section for new film makers is invaluable.

In the archives is a short film looking at the use of the River Soar, just outside Leicester, for the scattering of ashes after Hindu funeral ceremonies. This practice has brought complaints from some boat users, who claim that the ashes may silt up the waterway or damage boat engines. Would there be the same complaints if the practice were part of Christian ceremonies? My prop was clogged and engine stopped in the Barrow area, but not by ashes or mourners’ flowers – British Waterways had been clearing weed from the waterside and left loads of the stuff floating midstream.

On local tv news last week, a couple from Newark talked about their wishes to be buried in narrowboat shaped coffins. The report in the local press here doesn’t mention Kevin’s wish to have a “Viking” funeral, where his body would be floated out into the waterway inside his blazing boat shaped coffin. Excellent.


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