Manuring the allotment
Originally uploaded by scorzonera.

It’s looking like Madelaine , the cybermagazine of poetry, prose, pictures and recipes, is no more – into Spring ’06 now and the last issue was back in August ’05. I’ll miss it – a food magazine after my own heart, covering the whole process from growing fruit and veg, home cooking, through to having a good shit.

Readwrite has a lovely meditation on food and simple home cooking over at his blog – one of the least “me,me,me” blogs out there. Always a good read.

Much as I adhere to the principles of locally grown, seasonal produce simply cooked, I just love miso . The whole process of thinly sliced veg, whatever’s to hand, dropped into boiling water, then ladle a little of that broth over your miso, whisk it in then back into the pan – take the pan off the heat, don’t boil your miso – very relaxing. And the miso soup itself! Zing is, indeed, the word. It has the reputation of defeating cancer and counteracting the effects of smoking in Japan, and after a bowl you see why. That satisfied yet light, lightheaded sensation….wow….off to make a bowl now, I think.


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