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Found another Angelica track – their version of Vanilla Ice’s hit “Ice Ice Baby” .

More tuneful goodness – are well on the way to completing their 2 year project of cataloguing and making available online a huge collection of children’s records. Brings back memories of Sunday lunchtime – “Two Way Family Favourites” on the Home Service, maybe “Three Wheels On My Wagon”, “Mommy, I Want A Drinka Water” or “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back”. Such innocence long lost to The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the Pistols and the Tiger Lillies. Oh shut up.

Another site showcasing ephemeral, largely children’s recordings – The Internet Museum of Flexi-Cardboard-Oddity Records . Blessed are those who hang on to such junk for decades, until we need it again.

But even if you throw these jewels away, there are people out there hunting them down. Readwrite for one.

And if you offload old home recordings at a charity shop/thrift store or car boot sale/garage sale, Sweet Thunder or one of his henchpeople will root them out. Well done that man.


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