calvatea gigantica

A planned camping trip to Derbyshire was cancelled due to the weather forecast a few days ago (turns out the weather wasn’t that bad, as Dave predicted, but there you go). So I took Dave for a 16 mile stroll around the local footpaths instead.

Turned out to be a good day – loads of blackberries, elderberries, haws, even early rosehips. Then, while Dave stopped for a slash, I spotted something large and white in a cow field. Is it? Could it be? Over the fence and…yes it was! A giant puffball. That’s it in the (clickable) pic. There were 4 or 5 more by the hedge, so I pulled a smaller one, about 9″ across, and later we had a couple of slices fried with a crushed garlic clove and a few chilli flakes. Delicious. And free.



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3 responses to “FOOD

  1. ooks like Calvatia gigantica, though I can’t tell for sure from the photo–might be a Scleroderma, but both are supposed to be really good. I’ve only ever eaten the smaller puffballs like Lycoperdon perlatum, but they were delicious. I’ve seen C. gigantica in NYC, but it was in the Bronx Botanical Garden, and (after some argument between little angel and little devil on each shoulder–“But it’s a botanical garden–I can’t pick it” “Go ahead–no one’ll know, and the mycelium will still be there”) I decided to leave it in place.

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