A couple of weeks ago I went for a local field walk with Dave and we found an impressive giant puffball . Nearby were a few smaller ones, so we pulled one, took it home and ate it.

On Wednesday, I took the same walk alone, and found this on the track by the puffball field.

It was the fungus from the original pic, ripened and releasing its spores. In the hedgrow a few yards away I spotted these.

They made a fine contrast with the mature, decaying monster on the track. As I’m the only person in our household ‘brave’ enough to eat wild food, and puffballs only last three days or so in the fridge, I pulled the left one and left the right for someone else.

When Judith got home later the first words I heard were “Fucking hell what’s that??!” I reminded her of our find a couple of weeks back and her simple reply was, “ugh – it looks like a brain,” which I thought was pretty accurate and links back nicely to the last but one post…except you can’t eat a knitted one.



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2 responses to “FOOD

  1. All puffballs are edible as long as you slice them through the middle and they’re pure white–and ARE puffballs indeed, and not the button stage of a white, gilled mushroom. There are some that are wrinkled and some that are smooth, but its being pure white is all you have to worry about.

    • Puffballs

      Sadly, when I got this wonderful looking specimen home and sliced through it it was already yellowing – so into the compost bin. And yes – I have kept the site to myself (me and Dave, anyway).

      Come to think of it…will composting kill the spores (I suspect it will)?

      Could I try burying a chunk in my garden in the hope of having a crop next year? Hmmmmm…………

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