I’ve given up watching ‘Coronation Street’ now Fred’s dead, in much the same way as I gave up watching ‘Coronation Street’ after Reg left and after Eddie Yates left (I met Geoffrey Hughes once – he was a mate of Mike Harding who brought him into the village pub for a piss up). BUT…Kay was watching as I cooked last night and when I popped my head round the door to check she didn’t want sweet potato, I heard Norris, Emily and Rita discussing Budapest. “Fuck me,” I thought. “That’s a bit rapid for Corrie! Normally only the ‘Archers’ responds to the real world!” Sitting down to listen, it became clear that, oblivious to the 50th anniversary of the ’56 uprising, they were involved in a camp, jokey exchange, instigated by Roy Hudd the undertaker, which focused on losing inhibitions when naked in a steam bath. It appears that Norris, Emily and Rita are about to go on holiday to Budapest together, so now I feel compelled to watch over the next week or so to see how the scriptwriters respond to events.

Checking out the Fortean Times website for the Ghostwatch article I found this new piece on Budapest. (Free registration required for Fortean Times site).

I have a particular interest as I spent several months planning a holiday in Budapest my self in the mid ’90s, but at the last minute someone died, which is the story of all my 20th century attempts to leave the island.



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3 responses to “REVOLUTION, SOAP OPERAS etc.

  1. Perhaps some of the cast could go, join in the uprising, and have hilarious adventures in either the Hungarian Parliament or a Hungarian Prison. That would perk things up a bit! Although i still wouldn’t watch it.

  2. Hilarious Uprisings (and other double entendres)

    I think they’re beyond perking up, old boy. I would rather not watch it but, as an ex-addict, any excuse to be drawn back into its evil clutches….

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