All I want is a part time job packing boxes or unpacking boxes or some such thing so I can pay my share of the bills (and retain some contact with meatspace residing earthlings) – but nothing doing. It’s been 3 months now. Normally warehouses round here are crying out for temps at this time of year. Is there a secret recession under way? Nothing would surprise me.

It’s been suggested to me that it’s ‘all these Poles coming over’. They’re mostly Lithuanians in this area, actually sweetie, but I don’t suppose you’ve bothered trying anything as radical as talking to them. And I’ve worked with several (hello, Roma) and find them friendly and open, just like real people.

Meanwhile I carry on plugging away at the web design, struggling with the ridiculous Flash 8 interface in case anyone’s foolish enough to want a Flash intro for their site….

I’m running out of steam.

(Livejournal spellchecker suggests changing meatspace to Matisse’s – I’m tempted)


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