I may have been a little hasty in writing off charity shops the other day. My partner had this afternoon off work and asked me to pop around to a local charity shop with her – and I found an apparently unread copy of Joseph Moncure March’s “The Wild Party” for 50p! The 1994 edition with the Art Spiegelman drawings!

Question is – is this a one off, or am I about to become a compulsive charity shop trawler again? The last time I found something wonderful was the “Clackers” album back in ’04, and even then I didn’t buy it, just took a shot of it in the shop.

Perhaps the ebay mudlarks have tired of scuttling round the charity shops and car boot sales, grabbing any old rubbish, chucking it on ebay (“it’s dead easy! And like free money!!”) and finding no-one wants most of it anyway.

Here’s hoping.



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  1. Here’s how it works: There’s a lot of junk, and every now and then something amazing. When the amazing stuff gets put on the shelves, it doesn’t last long. So the best strategy is to visit the shop frequently, and become familiar with the inventory. That way you can easily spot the new stuff and check it out in a few minutes.

    I used to live next door to a Salvation Army store. I would pop in for a minute or so on my way to work or on my way home whenever I could. So that when that original Elvis 45 with a picture sleeve showed up, I was there to promptly snap it up…

    • That’s pretty much what I used to do until I moved on to the boat and gave almost everything away.

      Maybe my heart’s not in it anymore.

      Your posts are few and far between these days. I miss them.

  2. I worked in Oxfam Books and Music for several months this year. They check all the prices of things that come in on the booksellers’ website abebooks. You have to be very specific about describing your books to get an accurate price. On Ebay, the real collectors will only bid for properly described books, rather than chancing a bid on just the author and title. I bet most of the charity shop ebayers have just stuck the basic details up, and then wondered why nobody’s buying.

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