Hippies Week 7 – battle of the beanfield

My neighbour on the canal in winter 02-03 told me his Battle of the Beanfield story.
He and his partner were travellers, living in a converted ex-army wagon, for several years. In 1983, tired of daily stop & searches and harrassment by the police, they and several others moved to the west of Ireland, where they had a good life, got on well with the locals, found plenty of work…In ’85, her father became ill. They were in two minds about moving back to England – maybe she could go over alone for a few weeks – until the rumours spread that the ’85 Stonehenge Free Festival was to be the last. They came back and the only reason they missed The Battle was because they were stopped six times between Anglesey and the English border. Hence the move from the wagon to the narrowboat.


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