Hippies Week 14 – underground press

The Uk underground press of the hippie era mirrored that of the ‘straight’ press in that it was dominated by a handful of London based titles – Oz,  IT, Frendz  and Ink.  Oz and Ink were both headed by Richard Neville, who continues his work as activist/agitator on his web site.

Local titles came and went rapidly – e. g. Muther Grumble on Tyneside, Brighton Voice or Styng in Yorkshire – with the exception of the West Highland Free Press , which has been in existence since 1972, continues its fight against landlordism and has recently been bought out by its employees.


Muther Grumble



Gandalf’s Garden

Scans of OZ & INK

The Realist Archive Project

John Hurford – psychedelic artwork

Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (from the massive chickenonaunicycle archive)

Radical Living Papers Exhibition – New York 2007 and a video of the exhibition

Berkeley Barb cover 

Various Black Panther related pdfs


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