The Beautiful Truth – health without pharmaceuticals

Documentary via Top Documentary Films

In the mid 1980s, aged 27, I was diagnosed with a form of cancer which I was told was rare in someone so young. The diagnosis came a matter of weeks after I had given up tobacco and alcohol after 12 years use, in response to my partner’s pregnancy, and adopted a fully vegetarian diet after being interested in vegetarianism and reducing my meat intake for several years.

In 1990 I was told I was free of the cancer. I had returned to using alcohol and tobacco after 3 years or so, and still do, but remained vegetarian until 2003. I still eat little meat, sometimes none for weeks at a time, but no longer refer to myself as vegetarian. Having watched The Beautiful Truth, I ask myself how much of an effect my lifestyle choices had on the cancer, given the two factors of moving home three times during the period I was diagnosed and the stress endured during the pregnancy and our child’s early years knowing I had cancer. Furthermore, it is not certain whether I will develop a secondary cancer at some point, but this documentary, despite certain irritating Disney-style aspects, certainly points the way to coping in a much more positive way than simply deferring to the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.


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