French Leatherette

French post punk, new wave, metal, funk and punk.

01. “Extase” – Mecanique Rythmique
02. “Torso Corso” – Lizzy Mercier Descloux
03. “Il Ne Dira Pas” – Etienne Daho
04. “Aere Perennius” – Docdail
05. “Victoires Prochaines” – Seconde Chambre
06. “Electrique Sylvie: – Modern Guy
07. “Pepper Drums” – P.A Dahan & Mat Camison
08. “Sandie Trash” – Les Olivensteins
09. “Burger City” – Casino Music
10. “Detective” – Medikao
11. “Chercher Le Garcon” – DJ Shell
12. “Man Of Time” – Kas Product
13. “Jungle Soho” – End Of Data
14. “Wanda’s Loving Boy” – Poni Hoax
15. “Des Poi Sur Moi” – Masoch

The films/vids of J. Sprig on Vimeo tend to change quite regularly, so if you like the above, download or record it while you can. I neglected to do this back in December and regret my foolishness.


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