Sowing and Picking

Willow Catkins - March

Friday morning – sowed mixed salad leaves (free seeds from the BBC’s ‘Dig This’ campaign two years ago), basil, oregano, courgette (yes, too early, but worth a go), three varieties of chilli (jalapeno, cayenne and I forget the third) and three of lemon. Potted and trayed up and on the windowsills.

Sunday morning – Eartha Otherworldly (a cat) woke me at 7, trampling and purring over my head so I gave her attention, went down to the kitchen to feed her and make a pot of tea.

Snow! Big, heavy, white flakes of snow! Bugger………

Followed by a delightful sunny day. So I went for a walk, picked a carrier bag full of nettle tops, made a delicious litre or so of soup with half of them and froze the rest. Maybe I’ll use them for an attempt at nettle beer
Definitely want to make nettle pesto


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