Vegan Bierocks

A couple of weeks ago on the BBC’s “Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation”, they tried out a recipe for German bierocks, little pockets or spheres of bread dough stuffed with minced beef, cabbage and onion.

They looked delicious, but I wondered if I could come up with a vegan or vegetarian version? A few days musing and I remembered a (Mexican?) recipe for mashed, spiced kidney beans.

Cooking oil
1 tin kidney beans

Soften the onion over a low heat, turn heat up, add garlic and spices. Tip in the drained beans, season and mash well with a potato masher. Be generous with the oil as the beans will soak it up.

Substitute the above for the meat filling in the original recipe and you have vegan bierochs.

Tip – don’t roll the dough too thinly, as you will end up with a crispy shell rather than a nice bread like case. They might be improved with the addition of a little tomato sauce to the bean mixture.


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