Mint and Rosemary Cordial – recipe

Mint and Rosemary Cordial

This time of year I start getting impatient for elderflowers. But if the weather stays as it has been, the chances are they’ll be late, low yielding and, even worse, the best days to pick – dry and sunny – will be few and far between.

So I began to look for alternatives and the first reference I found was for lavender cordial It may be very pleasant, but my few experiences with lavender in food and drink have been unsatisfactory. I found the lavender overpowering, although the strength varies according to variety.

Rosemary came to mind. Rosemary beer I’d heard of, but rosemary cordial? Sounds interesting but … too strong a flavour? Too oily?

I decided it was worth a try. Outside Derby’s Quad Gallery there are two places of interest – the bus stop that gets me home once a week and a public herb garden, which I regularly raid for marjoram, thyme and tarragon to chuck in a quick tomato sauce when I get home.

And there’s lots of rosemary.

I hunted around a little and found a recipe for mint and rosemary cordial on The Herbarium, who, in turn, had adapted the recipe from Pam Corbin’s River Cottage Preserves Handbook

The recipe calls for 50grms mint leaves (that’s a lot) and 20grms rosemary leaves and flowers, but remembering John Seymour’s advice on cordials that I relayed in January’s elderflower post I used 20grms of each and it’s really tasty.

Next week I’ll try again, increasing to 30 or 40grms of mint. At a cost of around .50p per litre, which dilutes to 5 or 6 litres, it’s well worth experimenting.


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