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29/4/67 – 14 Hour Technicolour Dream, Alexandra Palace, London

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream – a multi-media extravaganza and “be-in” staged as a benefit for IT (International Times) magazine and widely acknowledged as the first mass expression of the psychedelic underground in the UK.
45 years ago, only 10 years after “All Shook Up” and just over 10 years before the Pistols split up. That’s a scary thought.


“What Is A Happening?” The 30 minute Man Alive documentary in three parts.

“Excuse me, I wonder if I can wake you up for a moment?….Why are you asleep?”


Extract from Pink Floyd’s set

Floyd footage from “Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London”


Colour and B&W footage from the “A Technicolor Dream” dvd (2008)

…and more…

…and the official trailer…


First hand accounts of the event ………

Extract from “Syd Barrett:Lost In The Woods” by Julian Palacios

Accounts from including a piece by John Crosby, the US journalist who invented the “Swinging London” concept.

A fascinating 14 page account in the visual style of much of the contemporary underground press – highly coloured and difficult to read

A personal account by Pink Floyd fan Colin Turner

The front page of the 21-28th April edition of IT, which organised the event

Fascinating if rather short interview with John Hopkins, one of the founders of IT magazine and organisers of 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

The International Times archive – for anyone interested in the ’60s counterculture and rock scenes, and they’re still publishing.

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Glastonbury Fayre – 1971

“You’re an architect, right?”
“I’m a constructivist.”

Screened as an episode of Channel 4’s Late Shift – 1988, this is one of the better festival films, using performances as punctuation for the scenes of festival life and community, rather than the focus of the documentary. Directed by Nicolas Roeg and, later, Peter Neal, and produced by David Puttnam, the quality of the film making really shines through, even though this Google Videos embed is hardly good quality (and the embed isn’t working – click on “Google Video” ➜ “Go to Google Video” bottom right of screen).

The shots of the construction of the Pyramid Stage, temporary living domes, tree houses and of vehicles being maintained are a reminder that revolution, or the building of an alternative lifestyle, means work. Hard work. That doesn’t mean that hard work is unpleasant – working towards a shared ideal will always be more rewarding than working to make a profit for others.

David Bowie’s headline set was dropped from the final cut along with Hawkwind’s, which is a shame. To the best of my knowledge, the running order of live acts in the film is as follows. Let me know if I’m mistaken.

Pink Fairies drum march
Terry Reid with Linda Lewis
Fairport Convention
Magic Michael ?
Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Mighty Baby?
Gong – as background music only.

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Where It’s At

Where It’s At from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

Half hour pop/rock tv programme from Vancouver, 1969. What makes this particularly interesting is that the show consists entirely of bands discussing the nature of the music industry, with all but no music.

Worth watching the first few minutes, at least, to see Little Richard in full slap claiming “They call me The Bronze Liberace”.

The debonair demeanour and apparent intelligence of presenter Fred Latremouille reminded me of Tony Wilson.

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More Online Photo Archives

from Manchester District Music ArchiveExpanding on an earlier post

The Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive has extensive searchable collections of pics covering beats, teds, mods, rockers, hippies, punks, ravers and many others in the cultural interstices.

Starting out as an archive of the early ’80s New Romantics, is expanding, already having punk, cyberpunk and teds galleries with a goth gallery under construction. Not the easiest site to navigate, but it rewards persistence.

Kill Your Pet Puppy has been around since the early days of punk and has the photo archive to prove it.

The Manchester District Music Archive is a huge, admirable project covering all genres and includes Queer Noise “”The hidden History Of Manchester’s Gay Music Culture.” Every town and city deserves a site, and people with as much energy, as this.

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Memento Mori

memento mori
The excellent and ever expanding Luminous Lint has a fascinating online exhibition of 19th century Memento Mori photographs. This relatively brief fashion (?) is often said to be a response to the new technology being made available to the masses, which doesn’t explain the majority of examples being shot in the USA.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to photographs of violent or abrupt death, if that’s your cup of tea.

I had a quick look, it’s not mine.

    Other notable online exhibitions and archives

The Smithsonian
Terence Nunn’s photos of disappearing London
The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive regularly puts small collections online.
The San Francisco based GLBT flickr group
Life magazine’s astonishing online archive
Large collection of Haight-Ashbury from the ’60s to the present photos

[See also this post]

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Hippies Week 14 – underground press

The Uk underground press of the hippie era mirrored that of the ‘straight’ press in that it was dominated by a handful of London based titles – Oz,  IT, Frendz  and Ink.  Oz and Ink were both headed by Richard Neville, who continues his work as activist/agitator on his web site.

Local titles came and went rapidly – e. g. Muther Grumble on Tyneside, Brighton Voice or Styng in Yorkshire – with the exception of the West Highland Free Press , which has been in existence since 1972, continues its fight against landlordism and has recently been bought out by its employees.


Muther Grumble



Gandalf’s Garden

Scans of OZ & INK

The Realist Archive Project

John Hurford – psychedelic artwork

Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (from the massive chickenonaunicycle archive)

Radical Living Papers Exhibition – New York 2007 and a video of the exhibition

Berkeley Barb cover 

Various Black Panther related pdfs

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Hippies Week 13 – Granny Takes A Trip

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