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29/4/67 – 14 Hour Technicolour Dream, Alexandra Palace, London

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream – a multi-media extravaganza and “be-in” staged as a benefit for IT (International Times) magazine and widely acknowledged as the first mass expression of the psychedelic underground in the UK.
45 years ago, only 10 years after “All Shook Up” and just over 10 years before the Pistols split up. That’s a scary thought.


“What Is A Happening?” The 30 minute Man Alive documentary in three parts.

“Excuse me, I wonder if I can wake you up for a moment?….Why are you asleep?”


Extract from Pink Floyd’s set

Floyd footage from “Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London”


Colour and B&W footage from the “A Technicolor Dream” dvd (2008)

…and more…

…and the official trailer…


First hand accounts of the event ………

Extract from “Syd Barrett:Lost In The Woods” by Julian Palacios

Accounts from including a piece by John Crosby, the US journalist who invented the “Swinging London” concept.

A fascinating 14 page account in the visual style of much of the contemporary underground press – highly coloured and difficult to read

A personal account by Pink Floyd fan Colin Turner

The front page of the 21-28th April edition of IT, which organised the event

Fascinating if rather short interview with John Hopkins, one of the founders of IT magazine and organisers of 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

The International Times archive – for anyone interested in the ’60s counterculture and rock scenes, and they’re still publishing.

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The Man Box

“Tony Porter is the visionary and co-founder behind the nonprofit A Call to Men: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. Porter’s message of engagement and self-examination has connected powerfully with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs for such high-profile groups as the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, and colleges and universities around the country, including the US Military Academy at West Point and the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. Porter is also an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department, having done extensive work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ” TED profile

A Call To Men website

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New Romantics – How’s it feel to have y’r arse kicked by a fairy?

I wasn’t there (I was about three miles away) but this made me feel like I was. Superb film.

Worried About The Boy

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Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

A devastating and uplifting documentary from 2001, the last year in the life of Robert Eads
Steal it here and be unashamed.

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Future Icon of the silver screen – Felicity Jones

Sticking my neck out here, but why not.

Felicity Jones’ performance in “Flashbacks Of A Fool”, however brief, was stunning, a true tour de force. Her role in the neglected tv series “Cape Wrath” was crucial, and “Cemetery Junction” was dull outside of her appearances.

She will be around on the film and theatre scene for decades. Trust me.

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The Beats

Personal memoir of Elise Cowen

The Beat Generation Archives

Below – “Portait Of A Bookstore As An Old Man” – George Whitman and His Paris bookstore ‘Shakespeare & Company’. See this post on Dangerous Minds

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Joyce D’ Vision

Dreadful audio – I’ve found that earphones are the only way (worth the effort)

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