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The London Perambulator

An addition to this earlier post

The London Perambulator website

See also The Unofficial Countryside by Richard Mabey

Lights Out For The Territory by Iain Sinclair

London Orbital – Iain Sinclair’s walk around the M25

Bill Drummond’s account of what turned out to be the first annual 25 hour drive around the M25

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London (1994) – a film

Fictionalised documentary, a rare example of psychogeography on screen.

An earlier film, from 1967 –

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geofftech.co.uk has loved the London Underground for years. Holds the record for visiting every station in the shortest time and has built up a large collection of alternative tube maps on his website.

Now Transport For London have set the legals on him, threatening punitive action if he doesn’t remove the “copyright violations”. Geoff can’t afford legal fees so has had to comply for the time being – a shame as each of the maps is either very funny or very useful.

If I was a TFL passenger I’d be really pissed off at them for wasting my (ever increasing) fares on this sort of crap. The whole absurd episode has echoes of Harry Beck’s original, revolutionary Tube map, designed in 1931 and rejected as too radical until 1933 when the 20th century design icon was finally published.

The “offending” maps can be seen here.

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