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Christopher Hobbs, John Adams, Gavin Bryars – Ensemble Pieces – 1975 – Obscure OBS 2

From the excellent Wolffifth blog – “Rare vinyl records from the golden era of avant garde and experimental music” –

A1 – Christopher Hobbs – Aran
Bells [Tubular], Triangle, Cowbell, Piano [Toy] – Christopher Hobbs
Organ, Piano [Toy], Drums, Triangle – John White
Organ, Triangle, Percussion, Wood Blocks, Cymbal – Gavin Bryars

John Adams – American Standard
A2 – John Philip Sousa
A3 – Christian Zeal And Activity
A4 – Sentimentals

B1 – Christopher Hobbs – McCrimmon Will Never Return
Organ [Reed] – Christopher Hobbs , Gavin Bryars

B2 – Gavin Bryars – 1, 2, 1-2-3-4
Cello – Cornelius Cardew
Double Bass – Gavin Bryars
Drums – Mike Nicolls
Guitar – Derek Bailey
Oboe – Andy Mackay
Piano – Christopher Hobbs
Trombone – Paul Nieman
Violin – Stuart Deeks
Vocals – Brian Eno , Celia Gollin

Over 100 LPS to download – all links I have tried so far are ‘live’.

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The Death Set

Punk as fuck, not safe for work, driving 21st c. punk.
What a sound! Play it just after midnight.

The Death Set – Chew it like a Gun Gum from The Death Set on Vimeo.

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Where It’s At

Where It’s At from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

Half hour pop/rock tv programme from Vancouver, 1969. What makes this particularly interesting is that the show consists entirely of bands discussing the nature of the music industry, with all but no music.

Worth watching the first few minutes, at least, to see Little Richard in full slap claiming “They call me The Bronze Liberace”.

The debonair demeanour and apparent intelligence of presenter Fred Latremouille reminded me of Tony Wilson.

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The Beats

Personal memoir of Elise Cowen

The Beat Generation Archives

Below – “Portait Of A Bookstore As An Old Man” – George Whitman and His Paris bookstore ‘Shakespeare & Company’. See this post on Dangerous Minds

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Ich Will

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Shameless Pop Week No. 18 – the big finish

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Shameless Pop Week no. 17

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