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scorzonera foods 2

No customers on the first day – these things take time.

We’re experimenting with 5pm to 8pm opening tonight and then, if there’s enough interest, until Friday.

After today, the samosas, freshly made in Nottingham yesterday morning, are going into the freezer.  So get down this evening if you want them.

In stock:

White basmati rice

Red lentils

Doves Farm organic wholemeal bread flour

Rocks Organic squash (on offer @ £1.69)

Aspalls cider vinegar – £1.50 litre, bring your own bottle

Good Hemp milk substitute – new this month

Locally made vegetable samosas

On twitter – @scorzfood

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scorzonera foods

“scorzonera foods” is a project I had in mind for the near future – set up a vegetarian market stall maybe next spring, after I’d worked through the winter, paid a few debts, saved a little.  Then I lost my job a fortnight ago.

Almost broke I thought, ah well, let’s just go for it.  So, with the support of my lovely wife, “scorzonera foods” will be launched in our back garden in Pinxton on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border on Saturday 24th July. 

A very basic stall offering a few vegetarian staples plus a couple of specials if the budget stretches that far.

Taking inspiration from the popup restaurant movement, publicity is initially limited to this blog plus  @scorzfood on twitter, posting the flyer on flickr and most importantly, sticking up twenty or so flyers around the village late tonight with the twitter link.

If you’re passing or around Junction 28 of the M1, central England, on Saturday afternoon,  we’re about two miles off the motorway.  Address will be on twitter from around midday.

Come and see how this highly dubious experiment’s going.


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