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Podcast 6

Click for Podcast 6

Featuring the autumn harvest, funny smells and the irritating clicking of scorzonera’s Zippo.

Hedgerow Fruits

Hedgerow Jelly

Agaricus xanthoderma - toxic, cause immediate vomiting.


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Podcast 5

1 kilo of blackberries

In a decidedly unbusinesslike move, scorzonera gives away his idea for world domination of the food market.


Blackberry recipes

The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise

A delightful short film on the Rhubarb Triangle

The Glasgow ice cream wars

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Podcast 4

Ripe Elderberries

Declaring his intention to become disciplined and focused, scorzonera goes on to record a free-ranging, unfocused podcast touching on the fragility of large scale infrastructures and the dependence of many on food imports and exports.

The Future Of The Cookbook – BBC R4

Food in Roman Britain

Salad slaves – who really provides our vegetables?

Spice trade timeline

Transition Network site

The pioneering Sheffield Abundance project

Incredible Edible Todmorden plus a short video

Fruit & Nut Map of South London

Blackout and power outage tracker

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Bread – a Global History. Heritage Radio Network Podcast.

Soda Bread

Linda Pelaccio hosts a conversation with William Rubel, author of “Bread: A Global History” and “The Magic Of Fire”.

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Podcast 3

As he kneads bread dough, scorzonera revisits the influence radical movements of the late 20th century had on his diet, not realising that running the tap whilst recording is a poor idea.


Wolves and Humans website

The Whole Earth Catalog online

The Ecologist, recently merged with Resurgence


UK squatting archive

The Radical History of Hackney

“Plant a Tree in 73” – the reason for using an allotment to grow trees

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Podcast 2

Garden podcast recording

Over a cigarette and a pot of tea in the garden, scorzonera records memories of food from his childhood and teenage years, listens back to it, realises the laptop fan kicked in due to the heat, creating a dreadful hiss, and has to record it all again.

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Podcast 1

Wandering and stumbling around, scorzonera muses over the food content of his home for his first podcast.

Hardly gripping.


The Country Bizarre in .pdf/issu formats plus an interview with Bernard Schofield

Urban Dwellers’ Country Almanac – many used copies available cheap

The River Cottage Family Cookbook

The Art Of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

The recipes mentioned in the podcast are elsewhere in the scorzonera blog.

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