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A few days ago I posted a little something on steam power – now two other steam powered items catch my eye via boingboing and the make blog .

Crabfu is a company which designs and builds radio-controlled steam powered models/toys. They now have videos of the things in action on youtube and some of them are surprisingly errmm….dainty is the word, I think.

On the make blog you can see a steam powered Gameboy in action. Brilliant! Why!!?

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In the UK steam power generally evokes memories of the legendary Fred Dibnah and crowds of “trainspotter” types standing around drooling over machinery in windy fields. Maybe that happens in the States too – but they also have Neverwas Haul ! One of the coolest steam engines I ever saw – a bizarre Fred Dibnah/Wacky Races/Addams Family hybrid. How on earth have they got it to Burning Man? Water supplies must have been a nightmare to organise.

And there’s more – Kinetic Steam Works are taking an engine to Burning Man, too. Their idea of using the drive wheels to print on soft ground is inspired and I hope they sort it out soon.

How about a new tech steam engine for power boats? Oh yes – the future looks hot and moist.

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