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Do Not Adjust Your Set – 1967 TV Series

The first five episodes of this classic pre-Monty Python series available free online

I haven’t checked the quality yet, but am quite excited. (So excited I forgot to check youtube – poor quality, though.)

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Where It’s At

Where It’s At from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

Half hour pop/rock tv programme from Vancouver, 1969. What makes this particularly interesting is that the show consists entirely of bands discussing the nature of the music industry, with all but no music.

Worth watching the first few minutes, at least, to see Little Richard in full slap claiming “They call me The Bronze Liberace”.

The debonair demeanour and apparent intelligence of presenter Fred Latremouille reminded me of Tony Wilson.

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Idols Of The Silver Screen No. 11 – Brenda Blethyn

Brenda on imdb

Interview with Brenda last year.

Brenda on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs, 2005.

Yesterday I watched “Plots With A View”, a sweet, black comedy of middle-aged romance starring Brenda, Alfred Molina & Christopher Walken. Not easy to find (LoveFilm don’t have it) but it’s on Pirate Bay

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Keith Meets Keith

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Return of Krautrock

The BBC 4 documentary previously mentioned is on YouTube –

Parts  1   2   3   4   5   6

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Hippies Week 7 – battle of the beanfield

My neighbour on the canal in winter 02-03 told me his Battle of the Beanfield story.
He and his partner were travellers, living in a converted ex-army wagon, for several years. In 1983, tired of daily stop & searches and harrassment by the police, they and several others moved to the west of Ireland, where they had a good life, got on well with the locals, found plenty of work…In ’85, her father became ill. They were in two minds about moving back to England – maybe she could go over alone for a few weeks – until the rumours spread that the ’85 Stonehenge Free Festival was to be the last. They came back and the only reason they missed The Battle was because they were stopped six times between Anglesey and the English border. Hence the move from the wagon to the narrowboat.

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Network21 TV – London’s Pirate TV

Claiming to be London’s 1st and only pirate tv station, broadcast through the summer of 1986, Network21  had a strong avant-garde/underground flavour – Burroughs, Gysin, Warhol, Galas, Jarman – and picture quality was certainly watchable though not to commercial broadcast standards.  The main problem with the programmes was the sound quality, but the creators stuck to their original intention of broadcasting material which they would like to see but did not appear on the four UK channels.

Complete programme listings can be found on the Network21 website

Network21 YouTube channel

via Google Video –Network21 TV prog 1 featuring Genesis P-Orridge.

Network21 TV prog 1

Network21 TV prog 2

Network21 TV prog 4

Network21 TV prog 5

Network21 TV prog 6

Network21 TV prog 8

Network21 TV prog 10

Network21 TV prog 11

Network21 TV prog 12

Network21 TV prog 15

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