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Do Not Adjust Your Set – 1967 TV Series

The first five episodes of this classic pre-Monty Python series available free online

I haven’t checked the quality yet, but am quite excited. (So excited I forgot to check youtube – poor quality, though.)

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Where It’s At

Where It’s At from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

Half hour pop/rock tv programme from Vancouver, 1969. What makes this particularly interesting is that the show consists entirely of bands discussing the nature of the music industry, with all but no music.

Worth watching the first few minutes, at least, to see Little Richard in full slap claiming “They call me The Bronze Liberace”.

The debonair demeanour and apparent intelligence of presenter Fred Latremouille reminded me of Tony Wilson.

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Knitting pattern 1950s

When did knitting and crochet become hip, cool and arty? I feel I’ve missed something.

This table would have me running for the credit card if only it had a recess the right size for a sleeping cat (and if it was for sale).

And several of these strange creatures and tableaux cry out to be animated – in the style of The Clangers, of course.

Clangers page on bbc website here with video clips.

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