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Guitars In Space

What sounds are produced if you play an electric guitar in space?

Imagine you’re space walking around the International Space Station, quite a trip in itself, and you’re carrying and strumming an electric guitar with a wireless connection to an amp inside ISS.  What would it sound like?  All (analog) music is vibration, so ….

Just asking.

Update 4/04/13

Here’s what happens.

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29/4/67 – 14 Hour Technicolour Dream, Alexandra Palace, London

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream – a multi-media extravaganza and “be-in” staged as a benefit for IT (International Times) magazine and widely acknowledged as the first mass expression of the psychedelic underground in the UK.
45 years ago, only 10 years after “All Shook Up” and just over 10 years before the Pistols split up. That’s a scary thought.


“What Is A Happening?” The 30 minute Man Alive documentary in three parts.

“Excuse me, I wonder if I can wake you up for a moment?….Why are you asleep?”


Extract from Pink Floyd’s set

Floyd footage from “Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London”


Colour and B&W footage from the “A Technicolor Dream” dvd (2008)

…and more…

…and the official trailer…


First hand accounts of the event ………

Extract from “Syd Barrett:Lost In The Woods” by Julian Palacios

Accounts from including a piece by John Crosby, the US journalist who invented the “Swinging London” concept.

A fascinating 14 page account in the visual style of much of the contemporary underground press – highly coloured and difficult to read

A personal account by Pink Floyd fan Colin Turner

The front page of the 21-28th April edition of IT, which organised the event

Fascinating if rather short interview with John Hopkins, one of the founders of IT magazine and organisers of 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

The International Times archive – for anyone interested in the ’60s counterculture and rock scenes, and they’re still publishing.

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New Romantics – How’s it feel to have y’r arse kicked by a fairy?

I wasn’t there (I was about three miles away) but this made me feel like I was. Superb film.

Worried About The Boy

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Fake Bands compilation #1

Another J. Sprig compilation

Fake bands from the movies or tv.

Opening with The Mosquitoes – from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ mid 60s West Coast soft rock.

1:50 Andromeda – from ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ late 80s electro space funk.

4:02 The Looters – London punk, Ray Winstone vocals, Steve Jones guitar, Paul Cook drums, Paul Simonon bass. What a lineup! From ‘All Washed Up!’/‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains!’ 1982.

7:07 The Flowerbuds – looking a little like the sadly missed Ultrasound, from ‘Carry On Camping’ 1969.

9:03 Drimble Wedge & the Vegetations – swinging 60s art-rock (which could have been released on 4AD 10 or 15 years later) with Peter Cook on vocals from the original ‘Bedazzled’ 1967.

11:20 Steven Shorter – Paul Jones as mock Scott Walkeresque government puppet pop star in Peter Watkins’ ‘Privelege’ 1967.

15:50 Connie Franklin – Canadian TV miserabilist C&W singer played by Andrea Martin of SCTV

17:34 The Bugaloos – spooky, unsettling early 70s pop from Californian TV series which led to a minor hit for this single but not the album.

20:06 Tom Monroe – pre-punk 70s travesty of Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ and ‘Don’t Sleep In The Subway’ by lounge music legend Monroe, equally famous for his classic rendition of The Vapours’ ‘Turning Japanese’

21:30 The Queen Haters – J. Sprig has arguably left the best ’til last, a parody so sharp, so spot on, it’s barely a parody at all. Another SCTV segment.

Not a patch on the SCTV or Looters punk tracks, but I hope J. Sprig’s next compilation includes ‘Gob On You’ from BBC’s ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’.

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French Leatherette

French post punk, new wave, metal, funk and punk.

01. “Extase” – Mecanique Rythmique
02. “Torso Corso” – Lizzy Mercier Descloux
03. “Il Ne Dira Pas” – Etienne Daho
04. “Aere Perennius” – Docdail
05. “Victoires Prochaines” – Seconde Chambre
06. “Electrique Sylvie: – Modern Guy
07. “Pepper Drums” – P.A Dahan & Mat Camison
08. “Sandie Trash” – Les Olivensteins
09. “Burger City” – Casino Music
10. “Detective” – Medikao
11. “Chercher Le Garcon” – DJ Shell
12. “Man Of Time” – Kas Product
13. “Jungle Soho” – End Of Data
14. “Wanda’s Loving Boy” – Poni Hoax
15. “Des Poi Sur Moi” – Masoch

The films/vids of J. Sprig on Vimeo tend to change quite regularly, so if you like the above, download or record it while you can. I neglected to do this back in December and regret my foolishness.

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1 – 2 FU Memoirs of a Middle Aged Punk. BBC 2004

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Glastonbury Fayre – 1971

“You’re an architect, right?”
“I’m a constructivist.”

Screened as an episode of Channel 4’s Late Shift – 1988, this is one of the better festival films, using performances as punctuation for the scenes of festival life and community, rather than the focus of the documentary. Directed by Nicolas Roeg and, later, Peter Neal, and produced by David Puttnam, the quality of the film making really shines through, even though this Google Videos embed is hardly good quality (and the embed isn’t working – click on “Google Video” ➜ “Go to Google Video” bottom right of screen).

The shots of the construction of the Pyramid Stage, temporary living domes, tree houses and of vehicles being maintained are a reminder that revolution, or the building of an alternative lifestyle, means work. Hard work. That doesn’t mean that hard work is unpleasant – working towards a shared ideal will always be more rewarding than working to make a profit for others.

David Bowie’s headline set was dropped from the final cut along with Hawkwind’s, which is a shame. To the best of my knowledge, the running order of live acts in the film is as follows. Let me know if I’m mistaken.

Pink Fairies drum march
Terry Reid with Linda Lewis
Fairport Convention
Magic Michael ?
Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Mighty Baby?
Gong – as background music only.

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